The Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne Spinoff Trailer

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We’re the ones who live!

The love story you’ve all been waiting for is going to finally happen. When Michonne lost Rick at the bridge, she never gave up hope. Her search looks as though it’s finally going to come to fruition and she’s going to find Rick alive and well (as well as can be expected with no shoes and clearly someone on his trail!) Rick is a survivor, as is Michonne, and they are clearly the ones “who live”. Here’s the trailer to the spinoff that’s happening here in the UK soon hopefully.

What do you think of that? Will Rick Grimes finally meet his son too? Will Judith see her father again, and how will any of this happen when there’s so much against Rick and Michonne? I can’t wait to find out, and I’m sure you can’t either.

More The Walking Dead Spinoffs

As you no doubt already know, there are two more to look out for over here in the UK coming soon. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon and The Walking Dead: Dead City are coming soon, and they promise to be just as exciting as the Rick and Michonne spin off.

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